Deer Camp 8/22/14

Mike Hicks finally got back his mount and decided to hang him by Freak Nasty for the weekend..  That is one good looking buck and I’m not talking about old Nasty.



Shooting the ShockWave..

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March 1st 2014

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Thanks Mike for the Extended Warranty!!!!


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Workday- Feb 1st 2014

Click Link for video Hill @ Work


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December 29th 2013

A rainy night in Georgia, a rainy night in Georgia
It seems like it’s rainin’ all over the world
I feel like it’s rainin’ all over the world

CONWAY TWITTY IS ONE OF A KIND AND ONE OF THE GREAT IN COUNTRY MUSIC> HE WILL BE GREATLY MISSED>> This song represents the relaxed weekend I had with family and friends with lots of rain falling in Crawfordville Georgia.. Cold beer and Conway is a recipe for happiness..

The Bridge washed out at camp..


Merritt Driving the tractor around the house…


The new bench around the Fire Pit..

IMG_1671 IMG_1672


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Beer Brats on the GRILL…

Nothing like Beer Brats when your rolling Solo.. A lot of man food was eaten this weekend..


The living room project was finished this weekend..


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Mike Was on a mission this Weekend!!

The mission was to kill everything in his path..

Subject one was a Large squirrel, I mean Rat. Beware to All Rats: Don’t crawl in bed with Mike because he will trap your little butt.  The secret weapon is JELLY..


Subject number Two was a Large 11 pointer Buck.. Attention to All bucks, Don’t chase his doe’s, He will put a hot sensation through that body..




Congratulations on the good buck, it made my weekend that you got this big guy and it was taken while I was there.. Can’t wait to see the big guy on the wall..



Saturday Morning- I was covered up with Turkeys Saturday morning. At one point their were 23 turkeys all around me and they were very vocal. I’m surprised a Wiley Coyote didn’t come running in.. Here is a video of just a few turkeys coming into the big field..

Turkeys in the Big Field

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Monster on the loose!!!

If you see this Big Buck, please send him my way!!!



Click the link below for Video..


He’s GONE!!!!

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2013 Deer Palooza


Thank all you guys very much for joining the Deer Palooza party, the bond that we shared this weekend will be a life time of memories. As usual, the food was terrific and the life span has decreased five years in each of us. Thanks to Jeremy, Scott and Anna for joining us this weekend and I’m sorry for not snapping pictures of you guys, I need to do better documenting our time together. The only thing Deer Palooza was missing this year was Mike T Hicks.

I would like to give a Special Thanks to Hill for everything that he has done for preparing Deer Palooza this week, we had a great time brother..



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First Campfire of the year!!!

It was a weekend full of good meals, cold beer and close friends..

Inside Joke to my buddy Jeff: -We have established a new ritual here at Crawfordville Hunting Club, its call (hide your buddy’s Cellphone). The way it works is, you sneak attack their cellphone, set it on vibrate and hide it in their bag without them knowing, it will drive them crazy..   Jeff- Do you hear me now?? Thanks Jeff for checking the Hog trap Friday morning and sending message to your girlfriend with my facebook account.. Now that was funny… LOL



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Opening Weekend was a Success!!

You can’t tell but Jeremy whacks a big body four-point @ 8am Saturday morning. Next time, lets hold the ears so we can get some horn porn. Great first deer for Jeremy, it’s going to eat good.. Congratulations!!!


The New 330 Gallon Tank is installed and operational.


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First Deer of the year!!!!

Scott Gleason: Shot a Doe in the Rattle Snake Ridge stand @ 7:30 on 6th of October



Merritt,  holding a deer heart.. Can’t wait to see this jewel on the grill.. How do you like yours cooked, Mike?? Medium rare??


It was a good morning to be in the stand.. Weather is almost perfect..



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Hog Wild Weekend

It was hog wild around camp this weekend..We need to change Deer Camp to Hog Camp because we are over run with wild farm animal smelling hogs!!!



hogSmoker hill


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Good Productive Weekend!!!!

Life just gets a little better at deer camp.

1. Couch removed from front porch

2. Ceiling fan installed

3.  Bunk Beds finished



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August 25th 2013- Farming for wildlife..

It was a perfect weekend for tractor work and hanging with friends.. The fields are planted and now waiting for rain.


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Planning, Prepping and Enjoying Some time at Deer Camp….

This weekend Mike and I bush-hogged the fields, sprayed and hung camera’s… We also drained the Hot Water heater and cleaned the water tank.. Good weekend at the camp.



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Reptiles are on the move!!!!


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Work Day – April 6 2013

Thank you all that participated for the work day.. The ones that didn’t make it, owes me 8 hours of quality work..

FYI: Never stand down wind from a fat guy doing roof work, its like the hunting scent (Dead Down Wind)…


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2012 Deer-Palooza (Nov 9th – Nov 13th)

What a great year for hunting, fine food and great memories during our week of Deer-Palooza. Here are a few pictures throughout the week.. Enjoy!!

Thanks to my buddy Michael Hicks for another successful year as head chef and party organizer. It was fun brother as always..

ALSO: Thank you Anna Gleason for letting us be involved in your first deer kill. That was the highlight of Deer-Palooza for us all!!

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This Hog is on the HIT-LIST!!!!

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Pork Chop was a good hog!!!

RIP: AUG 19th 2012

Pork chop, 2.5 years old, passed away on Aug 19th 2012 @ 11am at his residence.  He was a loving father of many piglets. Pork chop grew up near little river as a young piglet. He loves slow walks through the swamp bottoms and feeding on meal worms. He is best known for his playfulness in the mud and Tree rubs in the woods. He could root with the best of them.

Survivors are: Riblet, smoked butt, pork steak, pig ears, fatback, bacon, roast, ham, stew and BBQ.


Now you see Pork Chop Sleeping…

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Just another evening dusting clays!!!

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Skeet Shooting Crawfordville Style

This film is not yet rated please watch at your own risk…

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A Hog named: Lucky Bacon


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Best Mullet Award

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Worlds fastest deer cleaning


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Making fun of born-again Christians is like hunting dairy cows with a high powered rifle and scope.

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